“Can we build it? Yes we can!”
~ Bob the Builder

Web Portal Applications

Tech by Paul Portal Development Services

We have developed an infrastructure that allows us to quickly develop and deploy custom, web-based business applications. Any task that requires visibility, collaboration, or just better organization can benefit from our technology.

Custom Applications

If we have not already built an application that meets your need, then we can design and develop a custom application to your specifications. We can meet with your team to understand your business processes so we can help you streamline your operation.

Stock Applications

If you don't see what you are looking for, or would like additional information about these applications, please contact us.

Website Analytics

We have created an intuitive dashboard to show you website KPIs to monitor the health and performance of your site.

Task List

A simple app to create and prioritize tasks. Allows you to track the requestor and the person responsible as well as priorities and due dates.

Password Keeper

A simple solution to storing the many passwords that all of us accumulate. Track the login url, username, password, and any notes you want to store related to your passwords.

Software License Database

Store the many software license keys that all of us accumulate.

Contact Database

Store all of your contacts and organize them into lists. Ability to automatically add contacts from newsletter subscriptions or from any of your form submissions. Integrates with the Newsletters App.


Upload HTML email templates and lists of email addresses and schedule your emails to go out on a specific date. There is an extra charge associated with this app based on usage.

PayPal Orders

If you receive orders via PayPal and need a system to provide you details about these orders, alerts when certain conditions are met, or just send weekly reports, then this app can meet your needs!

Rank Tracker

Track Google ranks for keyword phrases for your domains and your competitor's domains. There is an extra charge associated with this app based on usage.


Track your time on each of your projects. Supports multiple companies, projects, and users, and provides reporting capabilities. Coming soon, is the ability to automatically generate invoices from the timelogs, and tie the time to tasks in the Task List application.