“Impossible only means that you haven't found the solution yet.”


We close gaps.

Some of our clients have specific problems that they need to solve. Others just know their expenses are too high and want to cut costs. And still others just have an intuition that there is probably a better way to perform some task or business process. In all cases, a discovery meeting is a good way to define the need and allow us to propose a solution. The discovery meeting is no cost to you, but has the potential to save you a considerable amount of money thru the solutions we implement.

I would like you to think of me (Paul) as your part-time CTO. I have the background and expertise (see about us) to solve many technical problems that you may have. You'll get the experience of seasoned IT resources without having to pay for full-time staff.

Custom Programming

Client Portals

We have built a proprietary platform that allows us to quickly deploy client-facing and/or internal web portals to expose functionality to your clients and staff. These portals can improve your business processes in many ways. Please take a look at our Case Studies for some examples of our work.

Custom Web Applications

Streamline internal processes, build client portals, scheduling applications, etc. Whatever your need is, we can design and build a custom application to your specifications.

custom portals

Marketing Solutions

Web Presence

We can assist in creating a professional online presence. Web sites, shopping carts, Facebook pages, etc. We can fill in the gaps or enhance existing sites.


If you have a product to sell, we can assist with creating an online shopping cart and setting up credit card processing services as well. If needed, we can also assist with managing Facebook and PPC ads to drive new potential customers to your site.

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Here are some examples of the solutions we have delivered to our clients.


Colormaker.com - A fun site with an emphasis on color.


Cristek.com - A corporate site for an aerospace/military engineering audience.

SalesArmory Dashboard

SalesArmory.com - The Dashboard of a complex C# application.

SalesArmory Map

SalesArmory.com - An example of using mapping technologies to assist mobile sales people.

Monkey Problem Task Management Application

MonkeyProblem.com - A complex PHP application with dynamic Ajax interface.